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Montibella Sausage Company, established in 1989 offers a line of sausage low in fat, free of preservatives, and great tasting. Using the finest and freshest ingredients and spices, blended with quality poultry, meat and potatoes, we offer a truly unique sausage. By adding potato instead of fat, a low fat product is created that is flavorful and moist. We use the Sousvide Cooking Method which is widely known to produce sausage with the most intense flavor and tender casings, Sousvide is one of the healthiest cooking methods available today.

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Sousvide Cooking Process

The French word 'Sous Vide' translates as 'under vacuum'. It was originally used in the early 1970s to minimise product loss when cooking "foie gras". Now it is loved by chefs worldwide for the preparation of many dishes.

Montibella Sausage Company is the only company in the United States using this unique cooking process for sausage.

The Basics

Food is vacuum–sealed in a pouch and then cooked slowly at low temperatures. The food becomes tender without losing its original colour, nutrients, and texture.

Sous Vide Versus Conventional Methods

With all cooking techniques heat penetrates the outside of the food until the centre gets to the right temperature. If you wanted a rare piece of beef you would cook the centre to 54°C. To do this you may roast it in an oven at around 280°C. By the time the centre of the beef is at 54°C the outside of the beef is way overdone. In fact most of the joint would be well done and grey.

But if you roasted it at 54°C, none of the meat would get overdone, but it takes so long for the centre to get to the right temperature the meat would dry out. If you stopped roasting too early so it didn’t dry out, the centre would still be raw.

With the sous vide technique; you cook food at the temperature you want the whole joint to be at. By sealing it in a vacuumed bag none of it is overdone and the meat doesn’t dry out, lose nutrients or flavour.


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